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"I Have Lots of Black Friends Who Are Hungry And Dumb," Says Racist White Lady.

I would like to explain why I support my friend, Carl Paladino, for congress. But first, let's address the hungry and dumb black elephant in the room.

Sure, Carl said, "Hitler is the kind of leader we need." And also said these exact words, "Someday, somebody like a Donald Trump is gonna come in and force that stuff on them -- OK. And maybe then, OK, we'll get some change because the Black people deserve better," he said discussing Buffalo schools. "They shouldn't be held captive in our inner cities. They shouldn't be held hungry and dumb so as to provide a base for the Democratic Party, that's what's been going on. You can't teach them differently because they've been so conditioned to think that way. And that is so, so wrong. And I'll fight for that stuff until the day I die."

And then there's this quote from Carl saying he would like to see Michelle Obama "return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla," and that he "hoped Barack Obama would die of Mad Cow Disease after having sex with a cow." That last one is weirdly specific, amiright??? Let's be clear, Carl did not mean what he said because Mad Cow Disease is not something you can catch from sex so he was obviously joking. And Zimbabwe is a beautiful city. I've been there with my slow black friends many many times.

If you know me, you know I'm already a supporter of The Great Replacement Theory. So, odds are you're not surprised I support Carl. We conservatives support those we agree with. And let's be honest, Hitler was pretty darn successful! Carl is a joker and a card and you should take everything he says with a grain of THE whitest salt you can find.

Is Carl dangerous? Yes. Is he racist? Indeed. Has he ever used the "N" word? Every. Day. Of. His. Life. Do I support and agree with this racist and dangerous man? With all of my stone cold artificial heart.

God Bless Us, Everyone.


P.S. I think it's super cute that he gave the gorilla the name, Maxie. I mean, who does that?!??!! ROTFL

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Teresa V.
Teresa V.
Sep 19, 2022

These websites are gold, thanks for calling Stefanik on what she is. She can take a long walk off a short pier.


I had a dream you were my Mom and Hershel Walker was my Dad.

Then I woke up and only Hershel was my Dad… 😩


Journet Camargo
Journet Camargo
Jun 17, 2022

The bitch is a liar. What black friends does she have? None, because her face would be ripped off and her body would be floating in the Hudson. But since she likes using derogatory slurs, she's fucked around and now it's time for her to find out. Be scared, be very scared

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