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Elise Stefanik: "Democrats Are Pedophiles."

In a tweet from May 13th 2022, Stefanik made it clear by saying, "Usual pedo grifters" referring to The White House and House Democrats.

This “pedo” rhetoric is not new—it’s an unhinged conspiracy theory that’s become so normalized on the Right that House Republican leadership are now casually able to call all Democrats pedophiles without consequence. Read more about this ridiculous conspiracy HERE

First off, this is her personal Twitter. Just have to note that. And number two, “pedo” is not short for “pedophile,” it is “pedo” as in “children.”

The above quote is directly from a Stefanik Staffer during a conversation with Parker Molloy.

She wrote about it HERE and holy shit it's incredibly cringe and includes audio.

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